Saturday, October 15, 2011

addicted to this album

yea The Vaccines are quite the popular lads at the moment, they just so amazing. I love their album What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? and yeeeep I can’t stop listening to it. It’s short, but efficient. The songs on the album are catchy and while they wear their garage rock influences on their sleeves, all the tracks sound surprisingly fresh. Overall, the song is nice to listen to, with a kind of arctic monkeys feel.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

top playlist on September

1. Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans

I dont care about all the rumors, but I think she has a LOT potential. Thats a cool tune, and really cant wait for the album. Listen below!

2. Tokyo Police Club - Kim & Jessie (M83 Cover)

This tune is one of Tokyo Police Club's project "10 Songs, 10 Hours, 10 Years". Haaa I really love this tune man! Listen below!

3. Young The Giant - My Body ( Two Door Cinema Club Remix)

I love this band, and yea everyone knows that the original of "My Body" is so gooood. But when I listen to My Body (TDCC Remix) and its WOW. They totally killed it man! Just listen below!

4. Beirut - Santa Fe

This tune just reminds me of The Killers, and ofc made me so addictive. Listen below!

5. Washed Out - Fati Amor

"Within and Without" such a badass album, yeh one of my fave albums of this year. This tune always made my day btw! Ha! Just listen below!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello, back!

sup, guys? yea I've been too busy lately, so I didn't have time to updating my blog. But, hey btw I just completed my bachelor degree woohooooo :D and had a gaduation day on 28th July last month ah I'm so happy for that!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weh Island (Sabang)

me and my friends just get stressed about our college thingy, and yeep we need a beach! After that, we decided to go to Weh Island (Sabang) Aceh. Such a beautiful beach, white sands, coral reefs (poor me, I dont have an aquapix) and ofc very friendly people! yeh you have to go there guys!

Friday, July 1, 2011

FAD on July!

Available size: S, M, L
IDR. 150.000 (exclude shipping)

Available size: S, M, L
IDR. 120.000 (exclude shipping)

Available size: S, M, L
IDR. 120.000 (exclude shipping)

Available size: S, M, L
IDR. 120.000 (exclude shipping)

Available size: S, M, L
IDR. 150.000 (exclude shipping)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

yeh finally, I met them!

well, its been almost two years I got addicted to a band called TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB! you have no idea how much I fucking love this band, yeh everyone knew it. First track which made me sooo addictive is "I can talk"and its like a dope song. And not only that song, there are so many dope tracks on their album. Idk why, but I'm totally crazy about this band and sometimes my friends called me annoying fan boy.. (oh c'mooon??) everyday and everytime, always updating my twitter all about tdcc and mentioned all the promotores to bring them to come to Indonesia. And TAAAA-DAAAAAAAAAA...

I'm totally die!! I-have-to-watch-that-concert-even-there's-a-final-exam. Jakarta, I'm coming! btw, I skipped my class for a week for this concert :p THE CONCERT WAS AMAZING! ONE OF THE BEST CONCERT EVERR! (I couldn't take any picture of the concert, bcs "no professional camera" haa yea thats sucks!) but yea one of the best nights of my life, finally I can see them live! After that my cousin and my sister make a plan to meet them at hotel.. oh waaaait, please don't call us "stalker" :p
And yeep we're going to the hotel, and we find them! YESSS! WE FIND THEM!!
Ah I met Alex J Trimble, Kevin S Baird, and Sam Halliday. Oh man, they're just so humble and very nice person! This is it. wooooz.